Ponderosa Mushrooms

We're Passionate About Quality

             As an industry leader we have been highly innovative in the introduction of Wild and Exotic Mushrooms and in the development of products that serve both Retail and Food Service needs. Recognition of customer needs and our excellent product variety have helped Ponderosa Mushrooms become the preferred supplier for an ever-growing number of restaurants and retailers,

Quality begins here in the natural pristine wilderness of the forests in North America. Our Wild Mushrooms grow in glorious isolation, far from environmental impurities of the world. Ponderosa Mushrooms takes this natural advantage and improves on nature, setting standards of freshness, quality and flavor that cannot  be matched.

We use the most advanced systems to guarantee freshness and to deliver our mushrooms at the peak of their perfection to you, free of additives or preservatives. 

Our Guarantee

As North America's leading wild mushroom company, with our own in-house drying facility, on-site freezing and customized grading and packing systems, Quality Assurance is our guarantee. With full GMP and SQF Level 2 HACCP guidelines in place, we offer you the confidence and security not available anywhere else.

What ever the season, whatever your own customers want, Ponderosa Mushrooms will supply you with only the best and competitively priced products.

Certifications and Memberships